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Our story begins in 1972 in the small village of Tinjska Gora, not far from the town of Slovenska Bistrica, where Anton Mernik Sr. bought the parish estate that came with a house and a wine cellar. During that time, 3000 vine
plants of the Sauvignon and Welschriesling varieties were planted on the estate and the two varieties later became the basis for the pride of all Styrian wines - Ritoznojčan PTP.

How we started

In 1990, his daughter Zdenka, married Avguštin, takes over the estate with her husband Miran. With the growing demand for wine, the set strategy was very simple - to increase the quantities of wine as well as to improve its quality. They decided to restore the existing vines and plant a new vineyard with the varieties of
Welschriesling, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Yellow Muscat and Pinot Gris - a grand total of ten thousand vines. The restoration of the vineyard also required a transition from the terraced into a vertical form. Our range of vines allowed us to join the Ritoznojčan Consortium and to produce high-quality Ritoznojčan PTP wine.

We strive to produce high-quality and premium wines that enrich the taste & soul.

High quality of production

The combination of traditional production and new technologies allows grapes to expand their full potential in wine. You, as an experimenter, will be amazed at the fullness of the wine.


Is there anything more valuable than enjoying a rich “soul” wine with your family and friends? The individual organism of Winery Avguštin and the traditional production of wine with spontaneous fermentation allows you to do so. From high quality grapes to authentic quality and premium wine.



It was never clear how this adventure was going to turn out. In the late 70’s when our family started to grow wine grapes in Tinjska Gora, there was no one to show us the way. There was plenty of advice, to be sure, but in truth no one had really good one.

The land focuses our energies, as it always has, challenging us to understand its soils, the vines that grow in them, and the way fog drifts through the rows in the morning. It is an eternal learning process – each question answered reveals another be asked – but it’s a journey we love to take with each and every vintage. It also defines us and the wines we make, providing the vital essence of every bottle that bears our name. Decisions made in the vineyard and cellar not only guide the expression of the land, but affect the very soul of the wine. For this reason, we have always committed ourselves to estate production, adamant that we should be the ones growing the grapes and turning them into wine. Our passion requires it.

One Family. One Estate. One Passion. This is who we are.


Weinverkostung tastings


In an environment where tradition is intertwined with modernity, we offer visitors interesting tours of the cellar and popular and expertly guided tastings of our wines.

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Superb wines

Winery Avguštin is dedicated to producing young, fresh wines that accompany us throughout the year and are a result of the enthusiasm, love and devotion of us and our predecessors. Wine should have a distinct pedigree, character and soul.

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